Ongoing Series Collections

Various Photography Series Projects

Below are a few ongoing collection projects that will always be works in progress. Please contact us if you would like to discuss featuring or being featured in one of these projects.


The Firedancers



Silent Salespeople

Mannequins Around the World

It’s not about what they are featuring. Instead, they’re the feature. Their details, the eyelashes, non-expressions. How they are lit.



LED Textures




Current Projects In the Works:


Crossing Paths

Allen’s personal and professional journeys have taken him all over the world. Some of his most memorable moments include meeting interesting people with completely different lives. Many of these strangely familiar strangers have let us capture them in their element or environment. This is why we refer to our cameras a friendmakers… connection creators.


Hometown Heroes


Rusted & Retired

(what used to be) (what once was) Machinery


The World, Close Up

The little things
The often unnoticed
Textures (Organic – some)


I Grew Up On A Farm



Passion Projects