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Luke Studios is the home of all photography projects of Allen Luke, a commercial photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Allen and his team specializes in commercial photography for advertising and marketing initiatives, as well as commercial portraiture, editorial, products, corporate events and conceptual works. We also offer consumer photography services for portraits and weddings.

We pride ourselves in our ability to engage our clients to provide unique outcomes. Our portraiture stands out by balancing natural intuition with an ongoing mastery of body language and nonverbal communication. Our focus will be in helping you determine the combination that best reflects you and your business’ objectives. We aspire to capture the real emotion and true moods and personalities in our portraits. We always go a little further to provide you with a new perspective and an unparalleled experience.

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Minneapolis is Home

We are well-known locally and serve organizations of all sizes. We accept assignments world-wide, so you’ll often find us all across the globe.

Allen Luke makes all the difference 
When delivering your uniqueness
His lens shifts to see 
What you do not 
To deliver not only a greater vision of what you are
To your clients 
But to reveal it 
To your self
This is not only masterful presentation 
It is masterful transformation 
The Magister
Melbourne, Australia