About Luke Studios

Luke Studios is a photography studio in Minneapolis providing commercial photography and unique portraiture services to clients worldwide. Our team is lead by Allen Luke, a commercial photographer and Art Director with a thirst for authenticity. Our team is supplemented by a conglomerate of technical and creative acumen, delivering many facets of photography talent throughout all aspects of the field.

We regularly work with creative agencies and in-house marketing professionals to ensure the solutions delivered meet the needs of the project. 

Complex Demands Require Skillful Solutions

For our commercial clients, we specialize in creating photographs of products that effectively engage the audience, and ultimately sell. We have a large, comfortable studio with a garage for easy access of loading props, set pieces, etc. This versatile space is easily converted into almost any type of environment, and we work with some of the most talented artists in the Midwest. Our art is a systematic approach to achieving established objectives.

Published All Over The Planet

Since our inception in 2004, we have served hundreds of companies and individuals throughout the North America and Asia, across a wide spectrum of industries and personal interests. 

Over the past decade, our photos have been featured in numerous publications and marketing materials throughout the world.

Creativity + Connection + Comfort

We create unique images that illustrate beauty while changing your point of view and are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We can make such a promise because of our attention to detail and intrinsic creativity, evidenced by the history of results we have produced. We aspire to shoot in exceptional locations and compose from unique perspectives to offer you an unparalleled experience.

Vision + Versatility + Variety

We’re that rare photography studio that practices in both the Commercial and Consumer markets. We like it that way as we’re able to find synergies in all we do. While the industry standard advice is to specialize, we find value in collaboration and elect to specialize in the creative process.  We have developed a unique, systematic approach to photography.

Serving Clients Large & Small... Near and Far...

Allen Luke - Principal

Allen is a serial entrepreneur that also owns and manages a branding and marketing communications firm, as well as multiple other ventures. Luke Studios evolved as Allen began shooting images for the various media projects he worked on.

Additionally, he is skilled in building the systems that will provide the client with a comfortable and rewarding experience. Holding degrees and certifications in marketing communications, design, and Internet Technologies, Allen is consistently updating his knowledge base to utilize the most cutting edge technology to provide our clients with the tools they need to be successful.

A creative explorer, his photos convey an intensity that is relative to his personality. This intensity is driven by over 13 years of experience, and a lifetime ability to see things from a unique perspective. He has a genuine interest in the human expression of emotion, an inexplicable ability to overcome obstacles, and an obsession with the art and process of creation. The images will be a vivid testament to his perspective and the client’s vision.

His desire to know peoples stories, their strengths, vulnerabilities, loves, fears and passions gives him the intuitive ability to uncover the personality that lies just beneath the surface. His foremost goal is to make the photograph portray an honest representation of these things to the viewer. Creating true works of art with a refined, yet cutting edge view.

Allen has quickly earned a reputation as an engaging photographer with a distinct ability to connect. His primary focus is creating engagement with the subject to ensure comfort and a pleasurable experience. He understands the objectives of the photo, and has the natural ability to capture emotion, mood, and feeling and pull it through the lens of the camera.

Madeline Crew – Associate Photographer & Scheduling Assistant

Madeline joined Luke Studios in 2014 to manage our growing consumer photography initiatives. She stewards our studio schedule and helps our clients with their selections and print orders. She will likely be your point-of-contact through the process.

Madeline is a photographer and visual artist with a BFA from the College of Visual Arts with a major in photography. She is well versed in creative and conceptual applications, and her work has been juried into exhibitions in and out of state, receiving numerous awards and recognition. In addition, her work has recently been acquired by the University of Minnesota for their permanent collections.

She has had the opportunity to share her work with the community through multiple artist lectures, local press and interviews. With a fine arts background and experience as a photographer Crew utilizes her ability to create distinctive and personalized photography for her clients. Applying her skills as a visual artist, she is able to capture the essence of her subjects whether it be a wedding, portraiture or commercial work by holding a visionary and innovative standard. Every one of her assignments are approached through an artistic lens, creating stunning and inspiring imagery.

Prior to working with us, Madeline had experience as a Studio Manager for Lifetouch and as a teaching artist. Crew has worked with all walks of life and highly enjoys working with people. Her goal as a photographer is to seek and present the unique characteristics of everything she works with. She is not only dedicated to authenticity and versatility with in her work but also to excellent and personalized service.

Consumer portrait photogtrapher with Luke Studios

Jessica Henderson – Post-Production Artist & Associate Photographer

Jessica joined Luke Studios in 2012 to help with our expansion into the consumer photography initiatives. She is a photographer with strong composition skills, and has invested a tremendous amount of time in becoming an excellent photo editor as well. She currently manages the post production of a number of our wedding projects.

When working with our clients, Jessica can shoot either in our studio or on-location. She enjoys natural light photography in outdoor environments, but knows how to handle the studio lights as well. She captures some of our family, baby and boudoir sessions. Jessica also enjoys equine photography, fashion photography and conceptual works. Moreover, Jessica has a naturally-friendly personal style that makes clients feel comfortable and at-ease through the entire process.

Other Associates

We host a collection of enthusiastic allies, and often enlist other photographers as assistants or second shooters.

Photography is a delicate balance of both a creative and technical art, and some of our partners have stronger skills in areas such as specialty lighting, architecture, large venues, planning and facilitation, etc. Our goal is to assemble the right team of talent for your project, and our collaborative nature encourages multiple perspectives to provide you an enhanced selection of photography.

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