Resources & General Information for Customers


Please understand that most projects are delivered with (at least) 2 versions of the files. One for Print Use and one for Web Use.

Make sure you can see the Luke Studios Watermark: Any time you are using the photos online, you must use the watermarked versions provided (Web Use).

Sometimes you can’t help it… so do this: Additionally, in instances where the website/software/application/etc. crops the photo, you must place a citation in the Description/Caption field (as opposed to the “Comments” section). A common example of this is your Facebook profile picture.

Please copy and paste the following citations for these instances:

On Facebook:
Photography by Luke Studios: – Visit:

On Any Other Website:
Photography by Luke Studios:

Why? The files are also embedded with important metadata, which helps us track, maintain and enforce our copyrights. We understand it can be confusing, but enforce usage regularly, so please remedy any occurrences at your earliest convenience.

Print usage rights vary per project. There are exceptions to these rules (for certain customers and project types). Please check your original contracts for additional terms and instructions.



Find something you Like? Certain fine art photos around this site may be available for purchasing prints and/or licensing. Please contact us if you’ve found something you like. We’ll provide a quotation for the deliverable or usage you request.

Did you meet us at an event? If you were a guest at an event, you may be able to purchase prints (most of our event contracts allow this).

When contacting us, please provide a link to the image(s), the images themselves, full file name, number or any other reference you can obtain so we know exactly what you are requesting. In the event that the image(s) you request are not suitable or available, we will try to find you an adequate replacement.