Commercial Photography Studio Set-up:
Consulting, Training & Coaching


Commercial photography is a necessary ingredient in effective presentation and marketing. I’ve heard people call it “expensive,” yet what is of highest cost is not capturing and presenting yourself and your objectives. Every touchpoint with your customers matters and imagery makes all the difference. 

Presentation is a Game of Perception Engineering

There’s a standard… an expectation in your customer’s mind that needs to be met. If you meet it, they come forward. If you do not, the close down to your messages. For concept-based photography, you need to intentionally craft the image you want to relay. For products, you need to create the correct angle and aesthetic. 

This comes down to both competency and capability. And they go hand-in-hand. 

All things must work together as a whole, and we teach and coach holistic approaches to commercial photography. It’s part of our conscious philosophy of expansion.

We are Here to Enhance Your Photography Abilities

Allen’s Training & Background:

I love helping others. Especially when it is through both through a person’s creativity as well as their personal liberation.”

Over the years, and through multiple ventures, I’ve learned that one of my greatest skills is to create the structures and frameworks that allow others to succeed. I’ve learned that creative expansion requires a balance of the polarities of structure and flow. In my decade and a half of photography experience, I have constantly been asked “what camera should I buy?” This then led to an eventual increase of various levels of assisting other photographers in selecting equipment and coaching.

It is through your independence, we all achieve greater interdependence. I help you align to and step into the power of your own creative flow. 

Framework: Commercial Photo Studio Set-up & Coaching Services


Over the past five years, we’ve been offering consultations for agencies and businesses to take their commercial photography in-house. Services are customized to your unique need and often include many of the items below. 

  • Global Assessment 
    • Business Opportunity Analysis
    • In-House ROI Assessments, Measurements & Metrics
  • Studio Needs Analysis
    • Equipment Analysis & Recommendation
    • Understanding Workflows & Unique Needs
  • Coaching and Training: 
    • Competency Assessments
    • Workflow Recommendations
    • Complete Workflow Training
    • Outsourcing Strategies
    • Individualized Training and Mentorship
    • On-Site Coaching, Walkthroughs and Assistance
  • Data Asset Management
    • File Handling Policies and Procedures
    • Output & Transfer Requirements
    • Legal Considerations and Documentation
  • Photographic Standards Documentation
    • Procedural Considerations & Policies
    • Settings Standardization
    • Aesthetic & Color Considerations
    • QA/QC Procedures
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The Power of Polarity

It is only through great
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