Sarah + Isaiah’s Wedding at the University Club in Downtown St. Paul

Below are selected previews from the wedding of Sarah Mager and Isaiah Smock.

Sarah and Isiah’s wedding was held at the beautiful University Club in Downtown St. Paul, MN. We also visited various locations around St. Paul to get some of the outdoor photos you’ll see here. Just before dinner, we took the bride and groom across the Mississippi River to get some spectacular photographs of them and the St. Paul skyline.

We’re never afraid to go the extra mile to deliver creative, fine art wedding photos. We used off multiple camera lights to really get these photos to “pop” with color and emotion. This requires skilled assistants and takes extra work to move the equipment, but it certainly pays off with the images you see here.

Previews Coming Soon: Stay tuned for the highlighted photos to be uploaded here soon!

Want to view ALL photos from this wedding?

We’ve posted a few of the featured photos above, but you may view ALL final photos from this wedding on this page.

Photographer: Allen Luke
Assistants: Jeff Sanders, Zach Spader
Hair / Makeup Artist:

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