commercial photography services

Commercial Photography Services

We provide commercial photography services in Minnesota and beyond in their marketing and advertising photography needs. Our photographs have been featured and placed in hundreds of publications, advertisements and marketing materials all over the world.

We’re a full-service commercial photo studio known for delivering versatility, consistency and creative results. As you’ll see, our portfolio demonstrates much ability in multiple of areas of practice, which is why many agencies and companies call us first.

Areas of Specialty:

»  Product & Commercial Still Life Photography
»  Commercial Portraiture & Corporate Headshots
»  Editorial Assignment Photography
»  Advertising & Corporate Photography

Other Areas of Competency:

»  Travel & Adventure Photography
»  Food Photography
»  Location / Architectural Photography

We speak the languages of Art Directors, Marketing Managers, Executives and Business Owners. We understand the unique needs of commercial photography services, and are skilled in producing all aspects of a photoshoot with specific objectives in mind.

Beyond the production, we offer customized Rights Managed licensing options to fit your unique needs and budget.

Our Approach: Standard Process & Pricing Considerations

If you’re new to this, there may be a little learning required on how our commercial photography services process and pricing models work. All commercial photography services projects begin with a discovery discussion (meeting or phone call), followed by the formulation of a formal estimate.

All projects of this nature are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and License Fees, which are available upon request.

Production & Licensing Pricing Structure

  • Pre-Production
    • Planning, scouting, asset acquisition, other miscellaneous items as needed.
    • Bill Rate = $150/hr
  • Coverage
    • Half Day Rate (4 hrs) – Principal Photographer = $900
    • Full Day Rate (8 hrs) – Principal Photographer = $1600
    • Additional Hours (per person, per hour) = $150-250/hr
  • Post Production
    • Culling and selection process.
    • Retouching, Photoshop tweaking & other enhancements (as needed).
    • Exporting and delivery to client.
    • Bill Rate = $150/hr
  • Associates
    • Assistants, hair and makeup artists, stylists, other specialists, etc. (per specific needs).
    • Rates and terms vary per Associate
  • Licensing
    • Rights managed licensing is offered per specific usage requirements.
    • License fees are highly variable
  • Direct Expenses
    • Specific items needed to complete the objectives.
    • Costs vary per specific need

Please contact us to discuss a quotation tailored to your unique requirements.

Have Questions? We’ll get you answers.

We’ve created a page called FAQs on Commercial Photography Pricing, Licensing & Production to thoroughly answer the common questions we receive.

Do you have a project in mind?  Contact us and let’s have a discussion. We always welcome your questions and new project inquiries, so feel free to reach out with your objectives and we will formulate a customized proposal.

We can do a lot, but know our limits. We’re experienced and equipped to handle many types of corporate photography projects. We’re also well connected, so if your needs fall beyond of our core competencies or capacity, we’ll collaborate with (or refer you to) other local associates who specialize in certain areas of practice.

Want to see more of our commercial photography services?

We invite you to view our comprehensive Commercial Photography Services Portfolio page. Or, check out our Blog, where we continually feature our Recent Commercial Photography Photoshoots.